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John Ortiz – Agricultural Entrepreneur

John Ortiz owns AgTeam Professionals and an agricultural research farm, and he acts as general manager of With more than a decade of farming and research experience, John plays an active role participating in grower panels, and in his local community, he works to educate farmers and discuss the latest advancements in agricultural technologies. Of all of John’s passions in agribusiness, he is most enthusiastic about maximizing the bottom line. He does this by helping farmers to reduce costs, become more efficient and get big yields at harvest.

John’s Biography

John Biography Over the years, John has been involved in numerous agricultural companies. John has ran an agricultural research company, helping agribusinesses position their products in the marketplace and helping growers know the latest in yield-enhancing technologies. He currently runs AgTeamPro, which helps growers save money by giving them access to wholesale ag chemicals.

Outside of his professional life, John is also a great father to two children, Max and Eva, and a great husband to wife Hilary.

John’s Strengths


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John’s Recent Employment

AgTeamPro Logo

Owner – AgTeamPro, LLC

2008 – Present

Garden City, Missouri

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National Sales Manager – AgMaxx, Inc.

2018 – Present

Garden City, Missouri

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